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There are several types of Texas Holdem Poker : Limit Holdem , Pot Limit Holdem and No Limit Holdem.The most popular is No Limit Holdem. And it happens in several rounds. First players are dealt two cards face down. The player in the small blind gets the first card.The blinds are the players who have to make forced bets and there is a big and small blind in Texas Holdem poker and they are seated next to the dealer unless in heads up poker.The two cards are called pocket cards..


The First round is called the preflop.The round goes clockwise with the player next to the big blind making the first bet. After the first round , the dealer deals a flop. Three face up community cards. The flop is followed with another betting round . The betting continues clockwise to the left of the dealer. The turn or fourth street is the next round with a single community card with another round of betting. The final community card called fifth street is dealt.

The showdown

The showdown is where is everyone who has remained in the game shows their hand from the seven cards , five from the community and two from their pocket cards.All cards are considered from the community cards , to one or two of the pocket cards. In cases of ties , kickers are used .For example two players have 3 sevens or three of a kind .Player A has three of a kind with a King as a high card in his hand and wins over Player B who's high card is 10.
Limit Holdem
In Limit Holdem Poker , the bet size is fixed ahead of time unlike No Limit Holdem poker.There is also a fixed number of raises in a round.Though similar to No Limit, Limit Holdem is often said to be strategically different and another game all together.
Pot Limit
In Pot Limit Holdem Poker , a player can't raise more than the size of the pot. The pot includes chips collected from earlier rounds , previous action and calls from a player making the raise.
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