Poker for Beginners

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Poker for Beginners
The goal of poker is to win money from the other players by placing bets on the strength of the cards that have been dealt to you.
Poker follows this basic formula:
  • Players are dealt cards, some or all of which are concealed.
  • Players make bets on the strength of the cards in rounds of betting.
  • The hands develop as more cards are dealt.
  • Finally the strongest hand wins a showdown or all players but one have folded.
    Whichever kind of poker you play, it is essential to know the ranking of the hands. The rankings are the same in all poker games.
    A standard pack of 52 cards is used, with no jokers. The ace is the high card, however in hi/lo games it can be ranked as either high or low, at either end of a sequence. In online poker games ,a new pack of cards is randomly generated before each game, using a RNG (Random Number Generator) to shuffle the deck.
    The game moves around the table clockwise, including the placing of bets and the dealing of cards. Each player must act in turn. Position is important in poker, and especially important in Holdem poker. The later you act on your hand, the more information you can collect about the relative strengths of other player's hands. Since it is preferable to be in late position, the dealer button rotates around the table with each hand. This ensures that each player has equal opportunities to be in late position and to post the blind bets.
    With each turn to act, you have the option to fold, or depending on what has happened before you, to check bet call or raise.
    Blind bets start the pot. This gets everyone interested in how the hand turns out; the two that posted the blind bets have their own money at stake even before the first cards are dealt, and everyone else is faced with a small (but potentially growing) pot that a player will win.
    Betting rounds take place that fatten the pot.Those who feel they have weak hands fold and stronger hands or bluffers stay the course.There are raises in various rounds.
    Between hands you can get more chips but not while in a round of play.
    The final hand is the hand that determines the winner or winners.These are the basics of all poker games with variations between them.
    In Texasholdempoker , each player is dealt two cards . then each player looks at their hand and can either raise , fold or call . After the first betting round the dealer burns the top card and turns up the next three cards face up . This is termed the flop.Another round of betting occurs and the fourth card is placed face up with another round of betting. The river is the fifth and final round and the comes the showdown. Players turn over their two cards and compare to the flop to judge the highest hand.The ranks of hands are similar to regular poker:
    Royal flush - Ace , King, Queen, Jack Ten of the same suit
    Straight flush - a sequential set of numbers from the same suit
    Four of a kind - self explanatory 4 aces for example
    Full house - a pair and three of a kind
    Flush - A sequential set of numbers 2,3,4,5,6
    Straight - All cards in the same suit.
    Three of a kind - self explanatory
    Two pair - self explanatory
    One pair - self explanatory
    High hand - hand that's highest in event no has any of the above sets.Ace being the highest and 2 being the lowest unless playing low ball poker.
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